Bypass’s Online Queuing Service

For Black Friday 2014 Currys enlisted the online¬†queuing service to presumably create some form of buzz and make impatient paying customers even more eager to see what amazing deals they had – there really weren’t that many.

A few people at work were trying to get onto their website but found themselves not getting very far being constantly pushed to the back of the queue. As a joke I was asked to get around the queue and within two minutes I was on the Currys website.

I tried reverse proxying and modifying my browser user agent string but still found I was being redirected, meaning something in the websites source code was redirecting me. After a quick look through the source I notice some Javascript coming from the domain. I disabled Javascript and was browsing instantly!

So, disable Javascript and skip that queue!


  • If you are regularly faced with’s incredibly useful service consider installing browser plugin such as AdBlock or NoScript to block the entire domain and resume happy browsing


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