A little about me?

Well I’m a 27 year old nerd who works on an IT helpdesk by day and tends chickens by night

Here you will find my first attempts at getting to grips with my Pioneer decks, this is my escape from self-isolation and the public reveal of a life long passion for music!

I’ve always had a passion for music but have never been brave enough to “put it out there”, but here we are! From the minute I wake up to the second I go to sleep there’s always music playing, there’s always a song stuck in my head, there’s always a smile on my face because of it. Music is my motivation and has helped me through some pretty hard times

If anything I’m really only doing this to make my own mix tapes to play whilst driving to work and back…

What’s your style?

Some may call it messy – I don’t plan track lists, when to mix songs or when to add effects, I make it all up as I go along – for the most part it works out well but sometimes it can go wrong


It’s a long story but many moons I use to have a “mobile DJ” setup but I quickly found there was no fun in playing songs without being able to mix them or add effects etc, so I soon sold all that kit

A few years passed and I felt pretty lost, I always said when I could I would buy a decent set of CDJ’s then I discovered a Pioneer XDJ-RX for sale at a decent price so it was rude not to

Since February 2018 I have owned the beast, and I’ve slowly added lights, lazers and smoke machines as and when I can… because why not!

As you can expect with my background in IT my setup is a little overkill, when I’m at home I run Rekordbox on a dedicated PC and that connects in to a network drive which contains all my tracks, the good thing about this setup is I can run Rekordbox on any other PC and the track database is always up to date. Other time I’ll run the decks from memory sticks but I soon discovered it’s faff having to keep the memory sticks up to date!

Want to learn more?

Feel free to get in touch!