Evans Halshaw Kia Stourbridge: Why You Should Avoid Them

Initially we were impressed by our Motability rep Andrew Livesey with his fast replies and top service, although things soon changed and his replies were slow to the point where Motability had to step in for us to get a response

We picked up our new car on a dark March evening, at this point delivery had already been delayed a week but we were excited to collect our new car, unfortunately the excitement didn’t last long. The next morning in day light we noticed damage on the car – a scratch on the underside of the spoiler, a scratch on the interior windscreen pillar and a rainbow of scratches around the rear wiper

It took 2 MONTHS and many emails chasing Andrew to get the car booked in for someone to even take a look, our first appointment was cancelled 30 minutes beforehand as the engineer phone in sick! After rearranging the appointment the attitude of the service desk was “if we order 10 new parts, 8 of those will have imperfections” – basically blaming Kia’s build quality saying it was down to “manufacturing defects”

There was nothing more Evans Halshaw could or would do so I left disappointed, we saw damage on another Kia Sportage on the interior/rear window so we just accepted the answer we were given and went home. After a few days I decided to contact Kia directly who informed me that if it was a manufacturing defect (as they claimed, I have a witness to this) it would be covered under warranty!

At this point I was fed up with the slow responses and being passed back and forth, I decided to move to a different Kia dealer and got the car booked in for warranty inspection. Two weeks later, low and behold the scratches ARE NOT a manufacturing defect after all!

Thinking back, Andrew said himself (I have a witness) that the car was rushed to be ready for my pickup time, this is very obvious because the orange stickers were still on the alloys 2 months into owning the car, these were promised to be removed but nothing came of it so I had to get my friend to remove these for me…

After speaking with a mechanic they suspect the damage came from a rushed valet and an already dirty or improperly installed wiper – neither faults caused by myself!

I spoke to Motability numerous times to the point they escalated this to a complaint and spoke to Evans Halshaw who denied that the damage was done in their dealership and their service desk manager denied all knowledge of inspecting the car, Motabiltiy also said I should have been walked round the car to check for damage – this didn’t happen

This whole experience made me doubt Kia but in reality it was the terrible service from Evans Halshaw where I was LIED to and BLAMED for damage I didn’t cause, this put a downer on the normally exciting experience of getting a new car, so much so I was happy to return the car and go elsewhere, however as a good will gesture Motability have offered to repair the damage bringing the car back to good health with my new dealer

If you do go with Evans Halshaw do a thorough inspection of your vehicle before you drive it away because getting hold of them by phone or email is near impossible and they’ll turn around and deny all knowledge in the end anyway (even when you’ve reported the damage the day after you got the car, with timestamped photos!)

I’m very suprised that Kia haven’t stepped in to do something about the shoddy service here, I would be ashamed to treat my customers the way they do

This almost ended up with the motor ombudsman and my solicitor but thankfully it is now being sorted for good – seriously do think twice before coming here, the stress is not worth it, also you don’t get the service you deserve – for example they don’t valet your car when you send it in for service, where as my new Kia dealer does this, and so did T Wall Vauxhall! Everything seems rushed, so many corners are cut, you’ll literally be going round in circles – beware!