A word of warning about Kimsufi and ESXi

Kimsufi are well known for offering cheap dedicated servers and over the years I’ve had no problems until recently.

I purchased a KS-5 for running VMware ESXi on, it was a fairly good spec Xeon with 16GB of ram and 2TB disk space for about £30 a month plus a one time setup fee. It was quickly provisioned which was great, but after logging into my account I found a problem – There was no obvious place to order additional IPv4 addresses which rendered the server completely useless to me. I was prompted to select an operating system, so I did thinking this would make ordering IP addresses possible, but still nothing.

I contacted support immediately and asked if ordering additional IP addresses was possible, and if not to cancel and refund my account. They responded in a nut shell saying its not possible, and that because I’d installed the VMware template that they provided they wouldn’t refund me which was annoying, they also implied that because the service was so cheap I should be grateful and suggested using their sister brand SoYouStart, amusing.

Luckily I paid with PayPal so I opened a dispute and got my money back. It’s not about the money though, its about Kimsufi not making the facts clear and then fobbing you off. I’d usually recommend them, but not anymore.

I’ve since found a better provider, Online.net offering similar spec servers capable of running ESXi with, wait for it, the option to order additional IP addresses! Amazing.

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  1. They have done the same thing to me but now have removed esxi from their images, and tell me off for ordering a atom server to realise the atom servers they sell don’t support VT-X, tell me if I reverse the charges that they won’t do business with me anymore… what is that for a company?

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who fell into that trap! At least they’ve removed the option now, that’s a good thing I guess! We both know it’ll be their loss at the end of the day if they refuse to do business, I’ve since jumped ship again allbeit to their sister company SoYouStart this time, again the customer service can be ropey at times and the website can be buggy but the value for hardware is great and it costs me only a one off fee for the first 16 IP addresseses compared for paying monthly for them at Online. Can’t grumble!

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