Home Network

My home network is a BEAST, with a setup that wouldn’t be out of place in a corporate environment it was one of my favourite home improvement projects to date.

The core of my network is housed in what was previously unused space in the airing cupboard, as following a boiler upgrade years ago the space was left unused and was perfect to house all my kit.


  • Unifi USG-Pro-4 Router
  • Unifi US-24-250W 24 port PoE Switch
  • Unifi AP-AC-Pro wireless access point
  • 2x Hikvision NVRs
  • 2x Internet connections (Main/4G Failover)
  • 24 port patch panel
  • 1350va Cyberpower UPS
  • HP MicrServer Gen8

Active cooling is provided via a inline fan which takes the heat from the back of the rack, out of the house via a roof tile

Pictures to follow!