Sunluxy H.624 DVR Factory Reset

I had previously purchased two Sunluxy DVR’s for various projects and was impressed with how easy they were get up and running, it was literally a straight forward task of fitting a hard drive and then setting and forgetting… literally… setting the admin password and then forgetting it.

Not to worry though, the user manual will have some helpful tips on what to do? Wrong! Poor translation meant the manual ended up in the bin, never mind the Internet will be able to help surely… maybe not. After much research I thought my box was going to end up living with the user manual in the bin but then I turned to good old fashioned trial and error as a last resort.

Factory Resetting the DVR

So lets get to the juicy bit! For the steps below you will need to be near your Sunluxy DVR but before you continue please be aware that this process will not only reset the admin password, it will also remove any settings entered previously such as network configuration, recording preferences and so on. The hard drive and all existing data will be left untouched.

  • First things first switch off your DVR. In my case there was a power switch on the back that I flicked, so far so good!
  • The next step is to hold the Back button (the one that lets you flick back to the previous menus – labelled with a back arrow, sometimes also labelled ESC) whilst switching the DVR back on, the button can be seen circled in the image below:
  • After a short delay you will see that all lights apart from the power light go out and hear a beep, this means the DVR has reset itself  and will automatically restart so release the Back button and you will see the DVR begin to boot as normal
  • Once everything has loaded you will then be able to login to your DVR using the default username of admin and leaving the password field blank


  • In this example we used a Sunluxy branded DVR, however this process (or something very similar) should work with most generic H.624 DVR’s as well
  • The steps above assume your monitor is connected via the VGA connection, as Chris suggested in the comments below, try using the BNC connection if you have trouble with menus not showing
  • Finally, if you could let me know if you run into any problems or if the process works on other brands or models I’d be grateful

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  1. Hi thought I had the means to get into my Sunluxy DVR .sadly it was not to be everything worked as you described but it will not let me in stills has my lost password .
    So my box is still getting closer to the bin…..

    1. Hey Tom sorry to hear about your troubles. What happened after you held the back button – did the box beep and restart or did it just start up as normal? If you can find the exact model number I’ll have a look and hopefully we can save your box from the bin!

      1. Yeah i heard the beep and followed your instructions.The only thing that did not happen was the lights did not go out as per your description,but the box did beep and reboot.
        Sunluxy Model : SL-7104..
        It is getting even closer to that bin just bought a new box.

        Thanks for getting back to me i would really love to save this box..

        1. Very strange, as it rebooted it makes me think all went well in terms of the reset process.

          What is the username and password you are logging in with?

          1. Hello again
            If i can recall it was admin the password is the problem I cannot recall it.

          2. What happens if you type the username of admin and leave the password blank and try log in, does it goes you any errors?

  2. you saved me a new box, thank you, i have been locked out of it for 18 months but now i have reset it following what you said, lights never came on to go out, just the pwr one, but beeped and reset as you said it would. thank you heaps

    Samantha x

    1. Good to hear, you’re very welcome! Thanks for the extra info as well, seems our boxes differ slightly but I’m glad the reset process worked.

  3. Hi
    I am trying to carry out factory reset. I cannot get any menus up my screen to change any settings my mouse pointer has disappeared but I do still get my camera image on the monitor, I have tried your method and all I get is the same bleep I am always getting and it reboots but no change still the same, can you help


    1. Hey Alan, as it beeped and rebooted it sounds like it reset okay. What happens when you left click the mouse, does it ask you to log in or show the on-screen menu? Might be worth trying a different mouse or try a different USB port just to rule out that being the problem.

    2. Something else to consider. The DVR has two forms of video output, one is via the standard video connectors (BNC), the other is via the VGA (computer) connectors. Only one works at a time, leaving the other with a blank output. If you are not getting an output on one, try the other. Once in, you can configure the output to your selected choice.

  4. Hi .. i have followed the instructions and despite the lights not going off .. it reset just not the password . Not even the clock .. it only reset the language back to Chinese or something other than English.

  5. Hi I’m Shan, I’m having exactly the same dvr but only the brand is unknown. I tried to follow your instructions but my dvr never reboot but yes I heard 3 beep. Can you help?

  6. Hi
    Hope you can help
    Got a SL-D124 dvr. Has no buttons in front, needed to reset admin password. Managed to default unit once client logged in to system via app then it allowed me into menus. Now can’t access menus or app. Would you know default password by any chance.
    Stephen. Thanks

    1. Hi Stephen,

      As there are no buttons this will be tricky! I’ve got a similar problem with a KGUARD Mars Home NVR which I’ve yet to solve!

      From my research I’ve found that different branded DVR/NVR’s do different things when it comes to being reset. Some older ones can be as simple as taking the CMOS battery out to clear the settings, where as others need to have a combination of buttons pressed or even be forced into a rescue mode on boot up and completely reflashed by using a memory stick with the firware on or by using a TFTP server on the network.

      The other route which I’ve yet to venture into is where you solder cables to the board to gain console access via a serial port.

      There are probably other routes that I’m yet to discover but those are the ones I know of so far. I don’t suppose you could forward me across some pictures of the internals? My email is [email protected]


  7. I run the reset process, and hear the beep, and it shows on the screen in initiating. However, when I tried to login, with admin and password leave blank, it is still showing user name and password not matching. what else it can be, and reset already, and every thing should back to factory setting.

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Sorry for the delay – I have a very protective comment filter!

      The fact it beeped is great, could you let me know the exact make and model and I’ll see if I can dig out the password


  8. Hi my hdmi output has stopped working, I just get no signal on my tv. I have had the unit for 5 months and it has worked great until yesterday, all the lights are working on the front of the unit and it beeps when you turn it on.

    1. Hi Gareth,

      Your DVR box should have blue coloured VGA port on the back, try connecting it to a screen with that. If that works then you can get in and check the display output settings.


      1. The vga works but my father in laws tv doesn’t have a vga input, I have taken it home and looked at the display setting but it only has options for resolution nothing for switching between vga and hdmi. Can I use a vga to rca, will it work as they are both analog signals. I have tried a factory reset as well.

        1. It does sound like the HDMI port has broke in that case, it could be that something has come loose inside and needs resoldering or more serious signs of hardware problems… but the fact VGA still works is good!

          VGA to RCA might work although I’ve never tried it to be honest but I’ve heard mixed reviews, the other option is to get a VGA to HDMI converter (have a look at Maplin product N47HH), although I do worry that the HDMI has stopped working for no obvious reason so it might be the start of more serious hardware problems to come… plus for the same price as the VGA to HDMI box you could get a new DVR entirely.

          Let me know how you get on, I can recommend a few DVR’s if needs be.

  9. Tried but doesn’t work on a sunluxy SLDVR4-4800
    Held the ESC button and turned power in but just boots up as normal. Still stuck and can’t access DVR menu system. Please please help.

  10. Hi there.
    we picked up a problem with our dvr.
    one day of data was removed.
    example 23/24/25/26 all video there.
    27 wiped out
    28 /29/30 all there.
    so we changed hardrive sent it to pc technician an added a password on dvr thinking someone deleted the 27th data.
    we tried to use the password an now it its saying password NULL.
    have tried the esc button on power up. Beeped once but no main menu access.
    any other methods ro reset the dvr password.
    kindlt advise. Thanking you
    muhamed SA

  11. Hi Kieran
    I’ve now got into the menu system but still haven’t been able to clear previous owners password.
    I’ve removed the CMOS battery for over a week now an it’s still not reset ….. The time and date yes but that’s it.
    I fear the DVR will end up in the bin as i can’t do anything with it without resetting the password 🙁
    Any help will be greatfully appreciated

  12. WOW! Thank you very much!
    My old DVR started to act up in spring 2017 and I messed up the settings, thus almost bricked it. I followed every link from google and couldn’t reset it. So I had to buy another one, which turned out to now have flash anymore. I miss flash because it was soooo easy to watch the cameras feed directly through the browser.
    Obviously I was looking then for the wrong keyword, because here I am almose a year later finding out that it’s THIS simple – just keeping a button pressed.
    My model (for those like me who can’t find this because of a different keyword) is TV-7104H.

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