Why isn’t it free?

Unfortunately the servers I use aren’t free, although I wish they were!

How reliable is this?

Well… I’ve never had any problems. Put it this way, if it goes down I’ll be the first to know as my Internet will stop working, so don’t worry.

Why do you need my IP address?

Access is granted based on your IP address, if my servers were open for everyone to use then things would quickly go slow and be abused.

What if I don’t have a static IP address?

Providing your address doesn’t change every half hour I’m happy to update it as and when. As a long term solution I am working on an update client which will work on Windows, sort of like a dynamic DNS updater, but for this instead.

How do you know what to block?

The database I use is made up of addresses I’ve personally added, as well as ones used by popular Ad Block plugins, and lists found freely available online.

These include:

  • AdAway.org
  • EasyList.to – used by AdBlock
  • EricZhang.me – used to block Spotify ads
  • HostsFile.org
  • SomeoneWhoCares.org

A website I use looks funny or has stopped working!

Never fear, contact me with the link you are using and I’ll remove the address from the database.

A website I use still has advertisements showing!

Whilst this works for all the websites I’ve tested I can’t guarantee 100% that it will work with everything. Same as above though, contact me with the link you are using and I’ll have a look at adding it to the database if possible.

A blank pixel isn’t being shown, instead I’m getting a SSL error!

Only HTTP requests are covered by the pixel, anything that tries to redirect to a secure HTTPS address will return a certificate error

I only want to block ads on certain devices, is this possible?

Sure – Just change the DNS settings for that device only

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