Mix 10 – 21st July 20

Welcome to my 10th mix! It starts out drum and bass and ends up hardstyle, as usual not planned and it was cut short because I needed to finish making dinner… #AdultLife

Lots of looping, cuts and filter/gate comp effects used, and my echo kept misfiring at the start as I had the delay set too long so ignore those bits

Also I’ve gained some video editing skills so the audio on the video is now full quality track – Exciting!


Download this mix for free: TBAs


No video available

Mix 9 – 2nd July 20

I haven’t posted anything since May as there was nothing worth sharing, meanwhile there was nothing done behind the scenes since 9th June as life was getting in the way, anyway this was literally me stepping up to the Pioneers after weeks of them being sat idle, loud music was exactly what was needed after a long days work, no warm up, no practice…

Mixwise I used bass cut, echo, filter, gate/comp and lots of loops here – it’s the first time I’ve had such a long delay on the echo and I really like it!


Kieran ยท Mix 9